Long-Haulers Kelli Nadeau & Lin Fay

Northerners part of a growing group of Canadians who believe the virus can have long-lasting effects.

Kelli Nadeau, 35, of North Bay believes she contracted COVID-19 travelling to the U.S. in early March and is still dealing with muscle aches and ‘brain fog’ nine months later.

I feel like you’re so in your head because I was so healthy before and the symptoms are all so strange and hard to describe, like not like anything else, that you start to think are you going crazy or is it just depression?

– Kelli Nadeau

Lin Fay also believes she caught COVID-19 in the spring, even though her test came back negative.

COVID Long-Hauler Lin Fay

I had that issue going to the doctor for months and months where the brain fog was so bad, I wasn’t in my own body. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

– Lin Fay

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