Who We Are

COVID Long-Haulers Support Group Canada is the largest Canadian online community for COVID-19 survivors, their families and any supporters searching for the most up-to-date information.

We are a growing Canadian movement, with members from coast to coast, connecting people with support, the latest information, and access to participate in research studies happening across the globe.

We are mobilizing in our efforts to help science!

Scientists are working around the clock to find answers to the most elusive question, what is causing a large population of people to experience long-lasting Post-COVID symptoms. Our community has become a hub of ground level data for media, medical practitioners and scientists to gather information from this pool of lived experiences.

Together we are forging partnerships mapping networks and creating awareness to bring recognition and change to solve the problems the pandemic has brought upon us.

Together we are strength in numbers.


Susie Goulding


Our Mission

COVID Long-Haulers Support Group Canada is creating awareness of the symptomatic, financial and socioeconomic effects of long-lasting Post-COVID conditions.

We stress the importance of adhering to public health guidelines and remaining vigilant to stop transmission in our communities. We are lobbying for recognition from government officials as we are not yet counted in their daily numbers. We need access to disability benefits, assistance and support with re-entering the labour force.

We are not recovered!

There is a robust, longitudinal research and rehabilitation targeted for long haulers that needs to be funded. Through our efforts of sharing our stories with the media and creating momentum we are hoping to create change.